• WE are the best
    for your business!
    Ensuring consistent quality, continuous improvement,
    and enhancing customer satisfaction are the
    three driving forces for ECMAS.
  • Together we grow.
    We partner with our customers to ensure we grow together
    and create mutual value. ECMAS prides itself in having a proven track
    record of providing value driven construction solutions!
    • Consistent Quality
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Market Leader
  • We have a unique and extensive range of products which are formulated with the
    expert knowledge and experience of our people. ECMAS always strives to deliver
                        an innovative and value driven solution to every customer!

Adding value through values

We are leader in manufacturing tailored solutions to the construction industry with its high quality products, expert technical services, flawless customer support and continuous innovation

New Product Added : Grinding Aids

Flexible Product Range

We have wide range of customized products to suit your industry needs.

Innovative Solutions

Our Innovative team is discovering, developing and delivering differentiated solutions that address 21st century needs.

Research & Development

We have talent who involve in continuous industry research and development to meet global standards.

We are ECMAS and we love Product Innovation


Honesty, Integrity and Ethics in all aspects of business

Corporate Social Responsibility

Continual Self Improvement

People as the Source of Our Strength

Profit & Growth as a Means to Make All of the Other Values & Objectives Possible